About Us

David Ball Management are proud to provide personal representation to a diverse mix of actors and creatives from theatre, film, television, commercials, voiceover and radio.

With over 20 years of industry experience and professional relationships with leading producers and casting agents, we offer an exclusive and bespoke service to our clients, whether they be at the pinnacle of their careers, or just starting out in the industry.

Our vibrant agency is committed to using a dynamic, pro-active and personal approach to finding and developing the best opportunities for our clients.

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It's Monday! Which means another week of working with our clients and trying our hardest to get them in the door. Keep working hard guys - you never know when the next opportunity is round the corner! #MondayMotivation

A massive congratulations to our very own Daniel Hall who has just been cast in @PhantomOpera UK tour. It is a dream job for him and we are incredibly thrilled and excited for him! #phantomoftheopera #actor #singer #smashingit #TeamDB

As it’s been a week of cast announcements we’d like to take time for those not celebrating

Wasn’t your turn is all

So onto the next you go

And remember; each single audition is really hundreds of auditions rolled into one

You may not have won the fight but the battle goes on

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